SEEK and PEAK: Papers +Itunes Wish LIst

This weeks highlights!

SEEKS are……..

  • I Just discovered, I have 2194 images to tag in Adobe Lightroom. Can I say way behind!
  • I have CreativeLive notes I have to type.
  • I have a pile of magazines,  book to do a review on, papers, binder to clean out.

PEAK are……….

  • Just finished scanning Scrapbook number 2.
  • I like the Lightenupandshoot V-Book. It is only 15.23.
  • Itunes Wish List. You can put songs in Wish list and think about it. To find your Wish List: Click on the upside down triangle, next to your name and then click on Wish List.


I accomplished another goal from 2011 Photography Goals! I can now cross of number 18 off the list! 50/50 means 50 photos with my 50mm prime lens.  I just left my 50mm lens on my camera for a few day. After I uploaded the photos to Adobe Lightroom, I discovered I had over 50 images! I learned quick that it is a great lens and amazing image when you want shallow depth-of-field. Also, with the prime lens you half to move around to get different angles and prospectives. Below is a moment in the squirt gun fight when everyone was picking a Super Soaker. 


 I am cleaning out my bookmarks tab and I came across this "Symmetry" by Everyone video on Vimeo. I think it is inspiring and interesting! I figure I would share it with everyone!

#5 is Creating a Slideshow Fast!

I have learned how to create slideshows fast and accomplished number 5 of  2011 Photography Goals! One more off of the list! 

The first time I decided to create a slideshow it took me hours to  complete a basic slideshow, because I was learning the software as I go along.  I learned by trial, error and help from Youtube. I also had to learn how to save it on a DVD. So others can watch it on a TV. It took me 5 dvd's to get the process right.  

After learning how to create a slideshow with my images, I learned how to add video to a slideshow. Adding photographs and video in one slideshow looks amazing. The first time I added video to a slideshow with my images it looked funky. I learned the quality of the video and the photographs did not match. Because I used a FlipVideo to capture the action and used my Nikon SLR camera for the photographs. Then when I combined the to works of art, they did not mesh well, the quality of the photos was higher then the FlipVideo recording. From this experience, I learned to use a better video recorder. One that will match the quality of the photographs. 
Adding music to a slideshow sets the tone and plays an impact on the mood of the slideshow. When adding music you can have the photographs transition to another photograph by the beat of the music.

By completing this goal I feel that learning how to creating slideshows brings my photography to another level and allows me  to showcase my work in another form!