My First Half Marathon 2:14:45

Yesterday I ran my first Akron half marathon on September 28,2013 at 7:00 am , it was amazing! The Akron marathon had 15000 runners! 
I was so excited and little nervous, even if I have been train for the Akron half marathon. I went to the expo and it got me really excited. My goal when I started training for the half marathon was 2:30:00.But then after I ran 13.1 miles two time before signing up, my goal changed to 2:15:00. With that goal I knew I hand to get faster because when Idid two training runs my time was 2:23:00 and 2:18:00.  So I wanted to create a goal that would push me! Well I must say I smashed the miles at the akron half marathon with my finish time was 2:14:45. I was so happy when I found out I reached my goal. When I crossed the finish line it stated  2:20:56, I think. But that is the time from when the race started to finish. But I did not start running  when the race started it took me a some time to cross the start line. So my net time was 2:14:45, that is how long I was running for from start to the finish line. The Akron half marathon was a great course and experience! Thair was a crowed of spectators that incouraged  and cheered the runners on. Some  spectators had marshmallows and starburst that they passed out to the runners! Thair was some funny signs like for example, " run like you stool it" and "smile if your not wearing underware". I really enjoyed the race and looking forward to next years akron marathon. I am thinking about doing the full marathon next year. I am just thinking! But I have to get a little faster first. 

The following is how my journey of running started. I found a love for running at the end of April. I started running training to run a 5k. Then after I got a few 5k's under my belt,  I want to do a half marathon. So I decide to train for it and run a 10k to see if I was ready for a half marathon! I could run more when I crossed the finish line at the 10k race. 

Define your purpose and your goal!

This week I was watching CreativeLIVE Photo Week, that is where there is 50 instructors on 3 channels, that is live to watch  and re watch for FREE for 6 days! If you love the workshop you can purchase  the courses. I was watching Sue Bryce  workshop Empower Yourself and Energize Your Business. Sue Bryce is an amazing portrait photographer from Australia, who is always inspiring and educates others. One of the topics she covered was purpose, what do you want: it's impossible to set a course when you don't know. The Sue Bryce mentioned  John Demartini. So I Googled him and found this interesting video with great information that I must share!

Dream it. Do it.

         This evening I  tuned into CreativeLIVE while editing images. The topic was Music Business 101: Networking  and the speaker was Steve Rennie. As I was  select my  favorite images I herd some powerful words that garbed my attention. So I clicked over to CreativeLIVE and see what else he had to see. And it was a video he had on Youtube. "Dream it. Do it." is a video that is inspiration to other. It was so great that I had to share it with others! 

SEEK and PEAK: Lens and 10k

Seek are.......
- This week I discovered two screws on the front of my  Nikon DSLR are rusted on the top of it. Also when I was switching lenses, a piece of the ring  of my wide angle 18-55mm Nikon lens broke off, it was a piece that hold it on to the camera! What did I learn? Well when ever I buy another or any lens for that matter,  make  sure the ring of the lens is made out of medial, NOT  plastic. I will never buy a lens that has a plastic ring!  
 -I will never drink a cup of Gatorade when running, it us not a great combination because I spilled it all over my shirt! LOL
-I have notes from  two amazing workshop to type up from CreativeLIVE!

Peaks are.....
- Today I ran my first 10k in the Canton, Ohio's Hall of Fame City Challenge and my time was 01:07:13. I ran the whole time and stop for one drink. I even encouraged and motivated  another  runner at a faster  speed for my first 10k! It was a great race and company! I am looking forward to next year! Maybe the half marathon next year?
-I received my first Click Magazine for photography! I am going to read through it and see if it worth subscribing to!
- I watched Jared Platt's  Photography and Lightroom Plugin 101 on CreativeLIVE  this week and learned a lot considering I did not know anything about plugins when the workshop started! Jared Platt had great information and tool that will help you in photoshop and Lightroom workflow!


Earlier this week 2 packages came in the mail and I was excited! It was the two original Buff that I purchased from Ebay! You can wear the Buffs 12 different ways! I been wearing it as a headband! I like the colors and they fit just right! I wore one when I went running and it absorbed some of my sweet  from my hair line! Also one time when running my hair thing broke  and the I used my Buff to put my hair in a pony tail. It came to the rescue for the second time! You can buy many styles and color! I am looking forward to using the Buff in the fall!