I have two special sisters! I have been hang out with my twin sister at the hospital day and night since Thursday night and is expected to go home tomorrow (Memorial  Day). She had a spinal fluid leak and need to have surgery at 9 pm before the surgery went on vacation for a week. The surgery is to patch the spinal fluid leak after a blood patch did not work. I think she is on the road to recovery and is ready for her next  . 

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom! She is one special lady!

Discover a new tool

I was helping my Mother take down a cabinet in the bathroom and some of the screws was striped. So she got a pair of pliers and a vise grips! That tool is like my next favorite tool behind the cordless screw driver. I must say! O yah, my Mom locked the tool and then she tried to unlock it after getting the screw out of the wall. Then I figured out how to release the grip the vise grips had in the screw! Yes! I got it. That tool is a beast! I must say!