Amazing Photo shoot

  Exciting one year old photo shoot this weekend with my nephew, Jacob! He was a precious little boy who's favorite words right now is "Whats That" and pointing at any object that he is curious about! The photo shoot took place on St. Patrick's Day! Here are some photos from the event.


Under the Sea Baby Shower

This weekend I enjoyed making some deserts and a center piece for an amazing baby shower, with the under the sea theme. The center piece is coral with bath toys swimming around.  The deserts consist of blue cake pops, octopus marshmallow pops and yummy stuffed strawberries. Bellow are some of the photos of the deserts I made.

Center Piece:
Coral with sea creatures 

 Cake Pops (Beach balls)

Octopus Marshmallow Pops ( the octopus are sitting in browns sugar, white sugar, blue sprinkles, and white round sprinkles for pearls)

Stuffed Strawberries (I cut the bottom and cut the top off, then scooped out a bowl like shape in the top and filled it with cream cheese softened filling)

Have a great week!

Amazing Glamour weekend on CreativeLIVE

Wow what an amazing weekend! Will post what I learned this weekend!