SEEK and PEAK: Tomaso's + Movie Night

 Last week was fun.  Here are some highlights!

SEEKS are……..
  • Tomaso's restaurants in undisclosed locations. 
  • Tired. I am so tired that I am going to bed early tonight.
  • Me. I can not record Flip Video and take pictures with the camera at the same time.

PEAK are……….
  • Movie night.  Fun time with family and a great concession stand. Everyone enjoyed themselves.
  • Easter. The Easter dinner with the family and the amazing Magic Show that was a blast!
  • Adobe  Lightroom 3. The software is amazing and great for organizing photos.
Have a great week.


CreativeLive is a worldwide free creative education that Chase Jarvis and Chad  Swanson created. Their are courses from technology, photography and fine art of all kinds. You can watch the live webcast FREE . If you are unable to watch or like it so much, you can purchase the download for a great price.  I think this kind of education can open door for photographer and allowing other to network.

I discovered CreativeLIVE when I  was looking into Zack Aris, the OneLight Workshop guy, who is a great teacher. I was checking out his blog and I found out that he was on CreativeLIve. I missed it!  So I decided to purchase the  CreativeLIVE course "Studio Lighting with Zack Aris".  It is so worth it. 

Zack Aris is back again for another CreativeLIVE weekend! Yes! Zack going to be on  CreativeLIVE on April 29, 2011 and May 1, 2011. The title is "FREE Workshop: Zack is Back"  and  the event is the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. 

Are you going to tune into creativeLIVE?

Just Do It!

Do you have dreams or goals? I want to one day, get to the point where I feel confident to photograph a wedding and do portraits. I need to get my butt into gear and step up my game. I need to get some guts! Step out and ask people if I can photograph them. But I  do not like asking people for help! What am I afraid of? Failure? No? Let down?  Crummy photo (I would learn from)? Well, I need to get over it, get to work and just do it. I need to practice, practice and practice. As long as I learn and grow, that is what counts. Here is a great quote I really like, "Rather than being the best, I concentrate on being better than last week."-Jerry Ghionis. 

If you can dream it! You can do it!

Fun Fabulous Tuesday!

Jasmine Star, a Famous Wedding Photography from Orange County, who came to Akron, Ohio as part of the Akron Photo Series to discuss her marketing strategies and social media. 
I have a confession! I have been following  Jasmine Star's blog for a while. I came across this amazing photographer by watching Dane Sanders , Escalate LIVE  May 2010 live webcast. I have been so excited to meet Jasmine Star.  I really counted down the days for when she came to Akron, Ohio. No Joke! I really was!  You know how a child counts down the day for Christmas. I was counting Jasmine Days! LOL!

On March 29, 2011, it was Jasmine Day. It was cold outside and the sunny was shining, but when you entered the ballroom it was a different story, it was filled with energy!  From all of  the photographers eager to meet Jasmine Star and network with each other. I arrived at the ballroom half an hour early to hear her speak. Upon entered the ballroom Skip  Cohen ( the brains behind the Akron Photo Series) was their to great you!  Jasmine Star and JD  (Jasmine's husband and second shooter) was very kind and down to earth. Jasmine is an amazing photography and business owner. The best advice I took away from spending the evening with Jasmine was to be yourself, take the tools she gave you and incorporate them in to your own business.Your business is you, stay true to yourself and your brand! A great website is a version of me and a blog is best version of personal me. She even brought up some great points to think about! Like, what sets you apart from other photographer? The quote of the evening was "Be different is powerful"- Jasmine star. She even asked a great question. What makes you different? Showcase your differences! How can you use that? Be unique!  BE YOU!  And best of all  a percentage of every ticket sold was donated to Akron Children Hospital! 

 I would like to thank Jasmine Star for coming to the cold east coast to educate other photographers on marketing. Also, Thanks to Skip Cohen,  for all of his hard work he put into each Akron Photo Series Event. Skips created the Akron Photo Series to bring great photographers to the Akron Area. The next photographer coming to Akron is Julieanne Kost on May 23,24 of 2011! Get your ticket and mark your calendar the Adobe Queen is coming to town!
Have a great day!