Family: Leigh and the Boys

       Last year 2017, I closed the year with a fun family photo shoot! It was a Chilly, 32 degrees cold day on December 2nd. I planed to document a running friend, Leigh and her boys for Christmas photos at East of Chicago pizza shop.  Pizza is part of the family, a tradition. They make their own pizza as a family and some times order out. But they usually have pizza for dinner one day a week.  So pizza shop was the place to document the family.

      As the family and I entered the pizza shop you are greeted with warm friendly environment that was decorated for the holidays.  I had many ideas that I wanted to create in my head. But I had to pick a few and go with it.  I was able to capture some professional, silly, and fun images of the family. The whole family was a blast to work with and a joy to photography. 

 I mean, just look at them.... Their love glows!

Leigh is a strong women, Mom, kind and beautiful women! Let's be real!

The oldest boy, Andrew, was very kind and helpful when posing  his little brother. You can tell he has a big heart and a thinker. I am sure he will do amazing things when he gets older.

The youngest, Colin, was very ornery and loved to make silly faces. He just lets his personalty shine through and free spirited little boy.

Brother to the end!

Snow inside for the first time! What!!

Let it SNOW!

Christmas fun!

Pizza for lunch was a must! Closed the session with a bang!

At the end of the session, I hugged them all, said goodbye and headed home. 

Happy Friday!

Jennifer Genevish