Earlier this week the nephews came over for a last summer fun day since they start school next week. I was watching them play together and how they help each other and  take each other toys, but at the end of the day they are brothers! The boys was fighting over animals they was play in their little pond together. Nathan would swap Jacobs elephant and he would notice it  and take it back. Then Jacob would take a shark from Dylan and Dylan would get it back and Jacob. Then I said how many a animals are their. Then each of you get four animals. I don't care who was what, just give Jacob 2 more animals.  Everyone was happen and no swiping animals each had 4 and was happy. 

 But then later on today they can be so kind to each other. Nathan and Dylan help  get Jacob get a drink of water from the hose. It is so funny how Dylan talks to Jacob like a little boy " come here buddy you want a drink of water like me, here I will help you" and he did a great job. Then  Nathan was getting a drink so Dylan went over for a drink to. Then Nathan was an cool big brother who're bed the hose down so he can get a drink. That is what big brother are for! I love to see them play together  and interact! To funny some times!

Two 5k runs in one day

Today was excited I took my nephew on their first 5k run the ColorMeRad 5k in Akron, Ohio. The processed  go to theDerby  Down.  Everyone got colored all over them. We did the race in 1 hour.
The second 5k I did was the AKRun and Crawl. My time was 32:48. I beat last runs time! It was a nice trail and great company. 

Seak and Peak: CreativeLIVE and Running

Lets start at the peak:
1. I ran 10k in 1 hour and 15 min.
2.Clay Blackmore was on creativeLIVE
3. A topic on CreativeLIVE was traveling photography with John

1. I  learned to take a rest day after a long run, because I did not last week and I was dragging the whole week.
2.My Mom dropped my iPod in the pool and it survived! SWEET!

New Pool cleaning tool

This year we did a upgrade from the hold school manual cleaning brush that u use a rode  and brush. Saturday I tried out a new tool that you use to clean the pool . All you do is hock it up  and it is easy. You hock it to the skimmer and prime the hose and it just chugs along! The vacuum like to go around the outside edge of the Pool and did get stuck at the steps. I had to redirect the vacuum and point it to another direction. I did a good job for a none labeling vacuum. I had to direct it to some spot is missed. But while it was cleaning the pool, I was cleaning the edge. That is what we call double duty! I can not give a complete review, I only used it once!