Last race of the year

On December 21, 2013, I attend the Akron Canton  Regional Foodbank's inaugural Selfless Elf 5k at 8 o'clock in the morning the tempature was 56 degrees and a light rain the whole run! It was a nice run I got soaked  but I did not get cold! Good thing I had on the selfless elf tee shirt, a wicked long sleeve shirt, a running tee, under arm tights and running shorts with no gloves! But my craft running hat and elf socks! The course was nice and thair was a part in the course where you had to go down a road and back up(a turn around spot) that means you pass runner at the loop and I was giving runner a high five as we passed each other to make it fun. This one tall guy put his hand up high for me to give him a high five and I jumped up and gave him a high fived him! It was funny! Thair even one guy that was running with no shoes, very interesting! The first mile  was. 8:55 , then I lost it! I started of to fast!  I finished in 31:24:2, pace of 10:07. It was funny because I start put towards the front of the start lone and I see everyone around me get ready to start thair stop watch to time them self!  It was a great event and thair was 800 plus selfless runners and walkers at this event! 

Deciding a Full Marathon

I have been thinking about doing a marathon at the end of April and run for a charity to! It will be my first marathon and I have been questioning myself if I can accomplish it! I was woundering if training in the winter will I be able to get my miles in, while considering it will be my first time running in the snow! But it is a plus that I have 3 half marathons under my belt! 

Well I have offically decided to train for a full marathon! I just sent the email out it is official! Wish me luck in April!  

Loom Bracelets

Rainbow Loom bracelets are the it toy for school age kids for a few months now! The bracelets that you make with rubber bands, s hook, weaving tool, braclet maker peg tool.

It was a nice day outside, it was cold, but was a great day for a 5 mile run, just before the nephews came over to spend the night. As they enter the house, Jacob (7 year old) goes on a hunt for Me (Aunt Jen) and ask me to make Starburst Loom Bracklelet for him! He told me it was hard and I asked is it on Youtube? He said yes! Let me tell you I never made a Loom bracelet before and was going to make a interment bracelets for the first time. I skipped the beginning and the advances brackets! LOL! I was ready to tackle the bracelet, just follow the video, I am a visual learner, so that is a plus!

I watch the video and follow the steps, doing great till it was time to take it off the peg thing, I start taking it off gently and it fell apart, my nephew was like  you have to be fast, and he helped me! He picked out the color he wanted me to make them in. Well bracelet attempt  1: it did not work, it  fell apart. So I was cool with it, I told Dylan, no worries, I can make another one and I will go fast when pulling it off the peg thing. Hay we learned something, no worries I will get it!  Dylan was like you should have lissened to me! Attempt 2: I completed the starburst bracelet  and it looks cool! I must say!  My nephew so excited! He was like you are the best bracelet maker ever! He was like I am not going to trade this bracelet, I am going to keep it for ever!   Dylan just made my day!  So them Nathan wanted me to make him a bracket! So I made it after the his brother went to sleep. Attempt 1: did not work out, I tried quick fix and did not work. I spend like an hour on the purple color , trying to do a quick fix. Lessoned learned start over when mess up! Attempt 2: it finally worked!  I attempted it the next morning after I made cinnamon rolls for the kids! O yah! I got it 

We it was a nice weekend hanging out with the nephews! They sure are a blast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thanksgiving Day

The day before Thanksgiving, my Grandma and Jessica made their traditional pies together. I think they made like 12 pies with the help of my Mom. I was not able to capture the moments, but I grab a photo of the pies!

Thanksgiving Day the weather was nice and cloudy at the temperature of 25 and I was able to get back to running after a few days of rest!  Yes! I ran 3.12 miles before everyone came over to celebrate thanksgiving! My Grandma stayed the night to help get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. She got the turkey ready as I documented it and them my Mom cooked it! Then I rolled my Grandmas special silverware that always comes out on Thanksgiving dinner.

It was very interesting to see my littlest nephew discover hand print I have hanging on my wall. The hand prints are of  my nephews. They are done each year around my birthday and them I frame and hang them! My handsome oldest nephew, Nathan allowed me to capture a great photo of him! So what happened when I washed Thanksgiving dinner dishes and don’t play with the nephews! Well, I a funny surprise awaits me! Dylan and Jacob  decided to put a lot of stickers (a roll of farm sticker that had like 100, used 60 stickers)  on the inside of my confider. Jacob was so proud of himself, he had to show me!
Over all I had a great day hanging with family and eating yummy turkey!