My thoughts for the night.

Tonight I am think of many thing that are in the future and that I am working on. Here it is:

1. OMG! I just experienced the cation with my sister and her family to Myrtle Beach, Sc again, because I went through 2018 images in Lightroom. I was selecting and rejecting images from 2012 form y little nephews scrapbook.

2. I need to get running tomorrow 15 miles, because I slacked off today only ran 4 miles.

3. I need to get Jacob scrapbook done for his birthday on Saturday. If I get it done it is pure magic and hard working.

4. I need to make time to finish reading the running and photography book I started.

That is the end of my thought for tonight! I hope everyone has a great week.

Running for a Stranger

Today I ran in honer of a runner who I never met and never will. Meg is unable to run anymore because she is a special angel in heaven.

Her story has been all over social media. Meg Cross Menzies  "Meg" was a Mother and an avid runner, who was doing a morning run on Monday, January 13, 2014, when she was hit by a drunk drive. But the running community  created an international day for running in her honer. In just 5 days over 90,00 people singed up to run in her on today. An event on Facebook called Meg's Miles, the hashtag in her memory is #megmiles .

So tonight I run my first night run at 6:30 p.m.  and 18 degrees outside! Just after I made homemade pizza for the family, I put my running gear on (wicked t-shirt,wicked zip up and my outer Columbia jacket, Underarmer tights, adidas pants, socks, my strip buffer, craft hat, black  gloves and reflective gloves, and my headlamp, iPhone and earbuds). I started my Nike app and turn my music down low in Megs honor. Then laced up my shoes and turned on the headlamp to hit the sidewalk (usually hit the road). When I run I usually do not think I just relax and enjoy my run, but today was special because I was thinking about Meg and how her three kids and husband will miss her dearly. So to night I ran 3 miles, one for each of her kids.  My thought are with Megs family and friends! It was a nice run, I felt the cold air on my face and I can see my breath in the air!  I was thankful that I was able to run to night.

I just hope Megs story helps other and saves life's!

New Year: Looking back and Looking forward

 Looking back I had a nice year... 
-I discovered running and I ran  12 races ( 8-5k's, 1-10k and 3-13.2 miles a half marathons). I decide to train for my first full marathon in April 2014  and run for a charity at the same time!  Two pluses!
- I also decide to pick up the flash for my camera and not be afraid of it! I still need to practice a lot. 
- I encouraged other to discover running like my nephew Nathan! I did two 5k  race with him and really enjoyed it want to do another one! So I hope to take time to  get him to at least 3 next year!
- I upgrade the New Year's Eve bash this year, the party was a blast! Everyone had fun!
Looking forward.........
-I want to run 2 full marathons next year, a half marathon and beat my PR ( personal record). Also some 5k's to get my speed up!
- I want to stay uptodate with Lightroom and give everyone images in Dropbox to share as the event happens.
- I want to understand lighting and figure out how to use flash and strobe to highlight my subject better.
-I want to create a  photography portfolio to share.
- I need to get my licenses.

Have a wounderfull week!

Christmas Present

Evey year the adults have a gift exchange on Thanksgiving Day, where we put our name in a hat with a list of three thing on it for under twenty- five dollars and then we swap present on Christmas Day. I usually don't get in it, but this year I did decide to participate in the gift exchange. I received an amazing book! It is Vivian Maier's Street Photography, hard cover book!  Yes! Vivian Maier story is very interesting and her images are inspiring! The page of the book is filled with raw emotion that she capture on the streets! Each photo leaves you wanting more. The photos are black and white with some pages all white,  so you can just focus on the one image at a time! I think. My favorite images is of a little boy and a girl look out of a car window! I would highly recommend every photographer to check this book out! You can watch Vivan Maier's story by typing her name in  the YouTube search!