New Year: Looking back and Looking forward

 Looking back I had a nice year... 
-I discovered running and I ran  12 races ( 8-5k's, 1-10k and 3-13.2 miles a half marathons). I decide to train for my first full marathon in April 2014  and run for a charity at the same time!  Two pluses!
- I also decide to pick up the flash for my camera and not be afraid of it! I still need to practice a lot. 
- I encouraged other to discover running like my nephew Nathan! I did two 5k  race with him and really enjoyed it want to do another one! So I hope to take time to  get him to at least 3 next year!
- I upgrade the New Year's Eve bash this year, the party was a blast! Everyone had fun!
Looking forward.........
-I want to run 2 full marathons next year, a half marathon and beat my PR ( personal record). Also some 5k's to get my speed up!
- I want to stay uptodate with Lightroom and give everyone images in Dropbox to share as the event happens.
- I want to understand lighting and figure out how to use flash and strobe to highlight my subject better.
-I want to create a  photography portfolio to share.
- I need to get my licenses.

Have a wounderfull week!

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