Christmas Present

Evey year the adults have a gift exchange on Thanksgiving Day, where we put our name in a hat with a list of three thing on it for under twenty- five dollars and then we swap present on Christmas Day. I usually don't get in it, but this year I did decide to participate in the gift exchange. I received an amazing book! It is Vivian Maier's Street Photography, hard cover book!  Yes! Vivian Maier story is very interesting and her images are inspiring! The page of the book is filled with raw emotion that she capture on the streets! Each photo leaves you wanting more. The photos are black and white with some pages all white,  so you can just focus on the one image at a time! I think. My favorite images is of a little boy and a girl look out of a car window! I would highly recommend every photographer to check this book out! You can watch Vivan Maier's story by typing her name in  the YouTube search!

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