Portrait of My Grandma

Last Friday, I had the honer of photographing my Grandma! It was a nice sunny day on April 4, 2014.  I was so exciting to photograph her and very nervous to pose her. After I cleaned her house and made dinner. I put her hair up in curls and she did her make-up. I thinker she enjoyed it and I got some really great images of her. The one I like the best is her natural smile, when she was laughing. It took some time for her to get conformable and once I put her in her normal environment she looked more relaxed. She looked amazing!

St. Patricks Day Event

Monday was St. Patricks Day and last weekend I had a St. Patricks Day party with the nephews, because they were coming over to spend the night anyways! So I created a St. Patricks day event on Saturday, March 20th. Everyone wear green. The sun was shinning but the wind was blowing. Everyone was excited to come to Mamaw's house. Jacob got up at 7:30a.m. and wanted to go Mamaw's when we woke up. The kids was sup-prized. I created a small goodie bag with a green neckless, little skate board, a glowing animal, wind up robot, and a small bag of mikes and ike. My Grandma came over to see the boys and have dinner and desserts with us. The dinner menu was macaroni and cheese with hot dogs on the hot dog machine. Everyone ate all of the food! That is a plus.  I also made yummy dessert with a St. Patrick's Day twist. The deserts was green pouch (sprit and green sherbet), gold jello, truffle desert, rainbow vanilla cake with green food coloring, St. Patricks hats and green brookies. The green brookies was a hit and Nathan like the St. Patrick hats. Dylan liked the jello and Jacob liked the cake! I think  I hit everyone's taste buds!

 Then to close the night after everyone got showers. We had a move night where we bust out the pop corn machine, set up the congestion stand junk food and put a movie in. Everyone enjoyed the congestion stand that Nathan was in charge  of and everyone had to pay a penny for candy and two pennies for popcorn. Nathan was the one that watched all of the move. Dylan and Jacob played around. Over all everyone had a  great day.

Then the next day I was able to capture a photo with all of the boys finishing up the party with snow cones. Everyone made their own cone and did a great job! I was so happy that I was able to document all of the boys in the same image! It was one of the top images of the weekend.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Retiring My Second Pair of Running Shoes!

        Today after my 15 miles run, I decide to retire my Asics Kids Gel-Excite GS  running shoes that has 372 miles on them! These shoes was purchased the day before my first half marathon, because my first pair of running shoes has a whole on the side of the adidas shoes and I discovered it when getting ready for Akron Half Marathon. These shoes was used on three half marathons, one 5k and the training for my full Marathon that is in only 58 days away.These shoes have been through the rain, snow and sunny days! The dirt and mud on these shoes mean a sign of age and the journeys the I have been on. These shoe have been so great that I have not had any blisters, red spot on my feet! I think it is time to retire my $55.00  dollar pair of  running shoes and replace them with a new pair that is identical to theses!

CreativeLIVE: Photoshop Week 2014 Notes

CreativeLIVE: Photoshop Week 2014   last all week February 24-28, 12 instructors, 5 day and over 30 classes where you can watch free education on Photoshop and Lightroom. The workshop had 2 channels with live feed where you could select what channel you want to watch. I watched  the Lightroom and some photoshop classes the following are notes from the classes I watched.

Habits of Success Photoshop Users with Dave Cross Notes:
Dave Cross's Check list to do is the following:

  1. Click on the tool look at option bar see how it is set, check BEFORE use
  2. NEVER work on background layer, always add layer to edit image
  3. If you find a tool and want to reset it do the following:  Click on the tool you want to reset, then look at the tool bar in the top left corner see the tool you just clicked on. Then click on the upside-down triangle next the tool and window will pop up. Then click on the sideway triangle  and see options and move your mouse down to rest tool.
  4. Never flat and save image,  F is flatten, FUCKED in Photoshop. SAVE master copy of all the layers then make a copy click on "Save As", save JPG formate. Master file in "PSD", not save as Tiff, SAVE as PSD. Tiff can have layers, but can not see, SAVE PSD
  5. Command+option+T is to repeat the thing you just did. Make a square click off it then push the command+option+T,  adds a copy box over it
  6. If you merge layers like flatten, but you can group layers in a folder
  7. To put text in a image you can make box for text, full then block the blend, then change opacity.
  8. Change color in image to bright it do layer mask invert the black the color red, color everything with brush to leave red color, make what you want, do course to make adjustment.
  9. Keyboard shortcut and menu set make custom. Go to tool bar Edit then Menu.
  10. Keyboard short cutes use v= for move, foreground color kicker-PF, background color picker= PB
  • Collection is a folder on hard drive
  • Make collection for different subjects, but have same image in it
  • Collection is face folder stored on drive
  • Collection set in the set you create collection
  • You can look for keywords collection content change, you can adjust collection make criteria for collection
  • Collection is constantly searching catalog
  • Collection is good for always need to market, wedding, florist, nature, go to the collection all of the best stuff pops up. Create criteria for it like exposure date to a point
  • Lightroom dull the image for you
  • You can make smart collection with words then  use target collection folder with in a folder
  • You can export collection as a catalog, not image, just data, want to export negative file all images. When export make sure you check mark the option average preview pop up when open Lightroom, check all the boxes except for the negative, check smart previews
  • Smart preview biggest 5x7 export to print quality can do all you want to do
  • BEST TIP:When clicking on Lightroom hold down the option key, so you select what catalog to open
  • Also learned I could create a collection on images I want to edit. Then when done I can connect the external drive to sync the corrections I made. Great for traveling and don't what to take a drive with you.

  • Build in preview have 1:1 ration
  • Build smart preview to work on fill off line, check market, so zoom in zoom out, create raw file, can export files for blog files
  • Apply the following during importing photos: develop set can import presets for example: import all images black and white when import.
  • JPG is contrast by interest, Raw is bland, because of alot of contrast.
  • TO DO: set style of camera to JPG in camera  pull down, RAW is contrast pull down show blend. Shoot RAW and JPG full size, upload in Lightrorom, then check treat JPG file next to Raw file  and make sure they are on.
  • Click on image look at image, if you look at the image and click on the frame of the image you are selecting it
  • Sync........ means turned off
  • Select images you want to sync, then click the sync....... Button. A window will pop up check mark what you want to sync
  • The quick develop panel have lot of options to an image
  • Keyword: select the highlight image then type in keyword it will select go on all images. Spray can  dose keywords to.
  • Keyword: Click on frame image type command K, then keyword pop up and type them
  • Most images have 10 keywords
  • Spray can dose different setting, play around with it
  • Presets are develop preset will do it global on all images
  • Aspect ratio has presets
  • Mask effects have presets
  • On the tone curve click on the button that has a bar or graph, you can create presets
  • Camera calibration has presets
  • Camera checker passport you have to make a profile for camera
  • To locate preset folder got to Lightroom- then presets- then click on the preset folder, shows where it is different locations. Camera Profiles is located in Camera Raw fielder also camera curves are in there, not in Lightroom folder because both Lightroom and camera raw use it
  •  REMEMBER: Lightroom presets ONLY have one folder deep in Lightroom, can only see one folder deep
  • You can copy presets to another folder  in a folder not in Lightroom to store them for backup, I use Dropbox to store them. 
  • Copy lighten presets add over write to Dropbox to have presets to the folder to have them on another computer
  • Creative presets rules:
    1.  Make folder organized fashion 40 to 30 presets in folder at most
    2.  Have an every day favorites folder
    3. The presets are coded with it to have in order to separate make a box with no check marks (---Grain-----) after presets to keep organized. Organized by what you use NOT how you use them, it is organized cod by numbers to organize presets
    4. Have presets in a rational way, use like warm, grain event, the navigator shows what it is going to do
    5. Make them spastic make them do little thing the presets when making it, so you have options
    6. Target presets
    7. Create remove presets of not  no it, remove grain to pul thing or remove claret presets
  • Work in develop panel them work in preset last
  • When creating presets  look agh e check boxes and do the following: 
    1. uncheck the box- "the only process version", that means it will only use the version of Lightroom you are using, Lighroom only use that version
    2. Click on any box you adjusted and want to go in the presets that you just created
    3. NEVER check mark the boxes in the Basic Tone area
  • DNG Profile editor Google it, then save profile to add to 
  • Best color bit depth is bc 8 or 6 bit you get mix up with black and blue and get lines in image
  • LEARNED: Export JPG - checkmark remove from location
  • Calibrating tool xright pro or monkey is just the same
  • Creating book he use blurb or smart albums

To close the week of they had a course called Photoshop week Panel:Photoshop This is where three instructors ( Dave Cross, Jack Davis,  Colin Smith and the judges where Jared plat and Khara Plicanic) have a battle on creating the inspiration images in Lightroom and Photoshop to the best they can in a timed event where you can watch their image come alive and see them at their best. You can watch the  battle by clicking the above link.

Happy Friday Everyone!

PEAK and SEEK: Yoga and Camera

LAST weeks highlights.

Seeks are....

  • I enjoy yoga, but only did it 2 day this week. My goal is 3 times a week.
  • It needs to stop being so windy outside so I could crush some miles.
  • I slacked on my training for the marathon, but will pick up next week.

Peaks are.....

  • CreativeLIVE  has Photoshop week next week.
  • I signed up for Akron Full Marathon in September
  • I let my little nephew use my camera  and I must say he has great form for only being 3 years old. 

Valentines Day and 2 Deserts

This week I baked two deserts.

One Monday, it was a cold winter day and my little nephew, Jacob, came over to spend the night.  I figured it would be fun to make Brookies with him. We made this new desert I found on Pintrest and wanted to do a test run on it! It is called Brookies, because it is made out of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Jacob enjoyed mixing the brownies mix and chocolate chip dough in the bowls. It was funny because he tried raw chocolate chip dough and did not like it. He spit the dough in the bowl, while my sister, Jessica, was going to town eating the dough out of the bowl.

To make the desert you basically mix chocolate chip cookie dough in one bowl and Brownies in another bowl. Then you put both of them in a greased pan in a line. I made long strips of brownies and chocolate chip cookies. It turned out  to be a really great desert. It was so great that the next evening it was gone. What I learned for next time is make the stripes of chocolate chip dough and cookies vertical, not horizontal and make the stripes smaller.

Yesterday was Valentine Day! It is a day that your boyfriend, husband, or gentleman show the girl how much they appreciate them. My mom wanted to make sugar cookies for Valentine's Day and she asked me to help her. She mixed the dough and I did the rest! I  really enjoyed being creative when decorating the cookies!

2014 GOALS

Last Monday and Tuesday I watch some of CreativeLIVE's workshop called "Goal-Setting for the best year yet with Dory Willer." The workshop was about setting goals and achieving them.  You should have 10 goals each year and as you achieve them you create another one. Then you break your goal down into steps and then to make a list of steps you want to achieve each month. So one day a month you create a to do list for each week so you can reach your goals and mark them off the list. Then you write you top ten goal on a piece of paper and put it in a place you will see it every morning. You read them and think about them. Then every week you evaluate what you did last week, what you learned and what you will do better next week. I must say it is hard to have only 10 goals.

My 10 goals for 2014  are the following:

  1.  Run 2 marathons and 2 half marathons 
  2. Take my Nephews to 5k run
  3. Learn how to proper expose my image in camera, so I do not have to adjust a little in Lightroom
  4. Learn Photoshop at a tool in photography
  5. Create a portfolio with photoshoots
  6. Read 3 books in February
  7. Do yoga 3 times a week for a Febuary 
  8. Learn how to use off camera flash
  9. Have an amazing Halloween Party, it will be my 5th year! Get a theme and an outline
  10. Get license