St. Patricks Day Event

Monday was St. Patricks Day and last weekend I had a St. Patricks Day party with the nephews, because they were coming over to spend the night anyways! So I created a St. Patricks day event on Saturday, March 20th. Everyone wear green. The sun was shinning but the wind was blowing. Everyone was excited to come to Mamaw's house. Jacob got up at 7:30a.m. and wanted to go Mamaw's when we woke up. The kids was sup-prized. I created a small goodie bag with a green neckless, little skate board, a glowing animal, wind up robot, and a small bag of mikes and ike. My Grandma came over to see the boys and have dinner and desserts with us. The dinner menu was macaroni and cheese with hot dogs on the hot dog machine. Everyone ate all of the food! That is a plus.  I also made yummy dessert with a St. Patrick's Day twist. The deserts was green pouch (sprit and green sherbet), gold jello, truffle desert, rainbow vanilla cake with green food coloring, St. Patricks hats and green brookies. The green brookies was a hit and Nathan like the St. Patrick hats. Dylan liked the jello and Jacob liked the cake! I think  I hit everyone's taste buds!

 Then to close the night after everyone got showers. We had a move night where we bust out the pop corn machine, set up the congestion stand junk food and put a movie in. Everyone enjoyed the congestion stand that Nathan was in charge  of and everyone had to pay a penny for candy and two pennies for popcorn. Nathan was the one that watched all of the move. Dylan and Jacob played around. Over all everyone had a  great day.

Then the next day I was able to capture a photo with all of the boys eatting cinnamon rolls for  breakfast! That is a must have in the am when spend the night at Mamaw's house. The party  closed with snow cones creations. Everyone made their own cone and did a great job! I was so happy that I was able to document all of the boys in the same image when eating breakfast! It was one of the top images of the weekend.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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