Thanksgiving Dinner

   It was a great day filled with joy, family and great food. My Grandma and Mom made Thanksgiving Dinner. The turkey  and cookies was delicious!

Exposed:The Magazine Has Arrived!

     I purchased the Jasmine Star Magazine called Exposed: The Magazine . I so excited to get the magazine in the mail onThursday! The magazine has 160 pages (75 page of information and the rest is some amazing photos) and it is filled with information on each page of writing. The magazine tells Jasmines story as she becomes a photographer, with inspiring quotes and knowledgble information that every photographer can learn from even if you are new to the field or been in the game a while.
      I am little ways through the magazine and I learned so far your blog or website bio should be about you, what makes you special and stand out, make it personal and be yourself.  The magazine was worth every penny.  The magazine is amazing and every photographer should get their issue, even if you are not in the wedding photography field!

Have a great week!

What did you do today at 11:11 a.m on November 11, 2011?

I was watching creativeLIVE pre-show interview with Matthew Jordan Smith!  Today kicks of 1 of 3 days  of Beauty and Fashion Photography with Matthew Jordan Smith with CreativeLIVE. Here is a link to the Pre-Show Interview with Matthew Jordan Smith on YouTube.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

    On November 5, 2011, we celebrated my Mom's 50th Birthday Party. It was the party of the month and Mom's day to shine. It was cold outside and when you entered the party there was excitement in the air. The house was filled with decorations, great company and yummy food that was created with love. I think everyone had a great time and I took some great photos!

Some details from the 50th Birthday Party!

L to R: Jennifer (Me), Nathan, Mom, Christy, Dylan and Jessica

-Love Jennifer