Easter Sunday

Today it was a fun day! Today my family came over for dinner and a Easter egg hunt. We hid the total of 63 plastic eggs with each one had a quarter. Each nephew had to find 21 eggs. They found all of them except for one egg, My oldest nephew who is nine could not find it. He told me, "Aunt Jen, I give up can you jut give me a quarter and we will find the egg later?" I said, " You have to look for the egg." Then his Mom said, " Nathan, come in here" and he found the last easter egg.

Yes, he found the last egg.

Happy Easter Day to Everyone!

Pancake Battle

I have been helping my grandma out for the past few weeks. One Tuesday, we was thinking of something to have for dinner. Scene we did not take any meat out of the refrigerator this morning,  so dinner has to be easy. So I came up with the idea of have pancakes. I asked my Grandma have you ever made pancakes with vanilla in the batter? O my goodness they are delicious. She was like lets make some with vanilla and some with out, just incase my Aunt Paula does not like them. So I said to my Grandma as I get the ingredients  out.  Grandma lets have a  pancake battle. Lets see who makes the best pancakes. So we made pancakes, she made them really hug. I think it is because she is skilled and has alot of practice. I put the ingredients in  a pan and  my pan has a tablespoon of vanilla and mix away. Then off to where the fun begins,  the oven. Everyone enjoyed the pancakes and got full. But Grandma did like the pancake with a hint of vanilla it make them taste sweat and yummy. She thought I put to much vanilla in the batter. As for who won the pancake battle it was not confirmed because we did not have a judge.  So I will be the judge I WON the pancake battle.  lol

So next time you make pancake put some vanilla in the mix and see what people think.

Have a great weekend!

Rummy with Grandma

I have been helping my Grandma and we have been playing Rummy ever night! I love it when we use all of the cards from the deck. I won two games this week! Yes! I think we all have fun!

The Science of Getting Rich Book

 I  must share this book  that Sue Bryce Mentioned on her course 28 Days with Sue Bryce on CreativeLIVE this weekend. I started reading it today.  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich by  Wallace D. Wattles. It is a FREE pdf. to read. The book was written in 1910 and inspired the book, The Secret.

Spongebob party deserts

My nephew turned 9 today. His party was last weekend I had the honers of making the detests for the party. My sister and I work together to come up with ideas. This year it was sand under the sea, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate cover marshmallow. The dessert was a hit! Everyone loved it! Photos coming soon!

Have a great week!