Amazing Halloween Party!

Last weekend was the Halloween party I plan. It was a great evening filled with games and sweets! More detail is to come soon.

Getting Ready for Halloween Party!

I made these cool 3-D Haunted House invitations from Etsy.

Creative Juices

Here is 29 Ways To Stay Creative!

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

Last weekend, I went to Wasabi Japanese Restaurant  for the first time for a surprise birthday party! It was a blast and I took some great food photographs.  It was very amazing watch them cook the food and interact with  the audience. For example, the Chief tossed a piece of egg in each person mouth! 
I think I am falling in love with food photography! I was trying to use what I learned on CreativeLIVE course,  "Food Photography with Penny de Los Santos". I like taking pictures of the details!

 Here are my two favorite images from that night!  The soup was good it tasted like chicken noodle soup and I had the plain chicken in the first photo that was delicious! The first photos show the detailed smoke that adds motion and texture feeling. The soup show the detail by showing what utensil is being used.

SEEK and PEAK: Cement and Mpix

This weeks highlights!

SEEKS are……..
  • It need to stop raining so I can get some branches off a tree to create a center piece for the Halloween party!
  • I dropped my camera on the cement and it still works! 
  • I went to use birthday rewards at Express and could not use a coupon and birthday rewards on the same transaction!
PEAKS are…….
  • I placed my first order of photographs from Mpix, for a client! 
  • I finished planing a Halloween Party for this month and it is going to be FUN!
  • I really like the Things app, it save paper and helps me organize my projects.