First Marathon

2 short days ago, I ran my first  marathon with the Sunflower Stride team at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon in support for Prayer from Maria Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation!

Before race day I already felt like I reached one goal because I  raised $630 for the Sunflower Stride team, that means I reached my goal of raising $500.  YAHOO! On race morning I woke up at 4 am to get ready to run my first marathon for a great charity.  I did not sleep that much the night before my marathon. I was nervous and excited! The farthest I ran was 23 miles in my training. I had to trust my training and all of the hard work I have been putting in to it. since the week after Christmas

When I arrived at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon ( HOF marathon) on April 27, 2014, on a Sunday morning,  the sun was coming up and the wind was blowing. When I arrived at the start line I turned on my iPod duffle to my Marathon running list that starts the song  "Hall of Fame ( feat. Will. I am), by the Script. I start to stretch and set my Nike watch. I  was excited, nervous and had cold or bronchitis to. But I have been eating healthy and drinking alot of water.  But I want to bet my goal time of 5:15:00. As I started running the race I was getting excited and in the moment and I  had to tell myself slow down because I was running at a pace of 8:30 a minute. It was to fast.  As a wise friend told me to start the race slow, because your heart rate will be going fast any way. I had to slow down and pace my self at the 11-12 min per mile pace, because I  did not want to use all my energy and hit a wall at mile 20. So I stayed focused throughout the whole race and had a pace under 12 minute per mile pace. The marathon and half marathon runner stayed together till the split of 12 miles and all I seen around me was half marathon runners. But I felt great throughout the whole race, playing catch up with another runner named David, who I found along all of the half marathoners.  David and I would  run together while talking, keep on passing each other, enjoying the run.  I would give spectators on the street high five and they cheer the runners on. I even gave some lady my gloves, because I was to hot and did not  want to just litter on the ground but give them to someone who can use them and it was some old lady.  I use a marathon pacer band to stay on pint and I had 5 minute to spare half way through the course and even had time to go to the bathroom two times. But I know I would need those 5 miles that soon became 4 miles towards the end of the race. Specters was even giving out oranges, twirlers and the HOF marathon gave out Cliff gel packs.  The course was great, it was windy throughout  the race and their was alot of turn in the race, but over all it was great. I  enjoyed every minute of the race and felt great afterwords. I could have pushed myself to go a little faster but I was afraid if hitting the hall and using all of my energy. I learned and really enjoyed it. I finished the marathon in 5:11:09.  I started the race strong and finished strong. After receiving my metal and they gave out fleece blankets with HOF marathon on it. My Uncle Aunt and Cousin was their as I crossed the finished line. I felt unstoppable when I crossed that finish-line.  I started training for the marathon on December 24, 2013. I have met great friends, achieved many goals and learned a lot thought out my training for my first marathon. I want to thanks my running friend and family for making it such an incredible journey!  The Sunflower Stride team raised a total of $7,441.00 in support for Prayer from Maria Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation. 

The marathon was on the day I started running last year. It showed me what I have achieved in first year of running (first 5k's, 10k, half marathon's and Full marathon). It was an amazing day and I am still on a runners high from that race! Haha!

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