Thanksgiving Day

The day before Thanksgiving, my Grandma and Jessica made their traditional pies together. I think they made like 12 pies with the help of my Mom. I was not able to capture the moments, but I grab a photo of the pies!

Thanksgiving Day the weather was nice and cloudy at the temperature of 25 and I was able to get back to running after a few days of rest!  Yes! I ran 3.12 miles before everyone came over to celebrate thanksgiving! My Grandma stayed the night to help get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. She got the turkey ready as I documented it and them my Mom cooked it! Then I rolled my Grandmas special silverware that always comes out on Thanksgiving dinner.

It was very interesting to see my littlest nephew discover hand print I have hanging on my wall. The hand prints are of  my nephews. They are done each year around my birthday and them I frame and hang them! My handsome oldest nephew, Nathan allowed me to capture a great photo of him! So what happened when I washed Thanksgiving dinner dishes and don’t play with the nephews! Well, I a funny surprise awaits me! Dylan and Jacob  decided to put a lot of stickers (a roll of farm sticker that had like 100, used 60 stickers)  on the inside of my confider. Jacob was so proud of himself, he had to show me!
Over all I had a great day hanging with family and eating yummy turkey!

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