New Pool cleaning tool

This year we did a upgrade from the hold school manual cleaning brush that u use a rode  and brush. Saturday I tried out a new tool that you use to clean the pool . All you do is hock it up  and it is easy. You hock it to the skimmer and prime the hose and it just chugs along! The vacuum like to go around the outside edge of the Pool and did get stuck at the steps. I had to redirect the vacuum and point it to another direction. I did a good job for a none labeling vacuum. I had to direct it to some spot is missed. But while it was cleaning the pool, I was cleaning the edge. That is what we call double duty! I can not give a complete review, I only used it once! 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jason Martyn said...

Hope the pool cleaning tool is effective..I am looking for special pool cleaning tool..
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