Broken Ipod Touch

      You will never guess what happened to me when I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, Sc with my Sister and her family. Let see, 3 days into my  vacation, I went with the kids at night to try and catch some crabs with flashlights and a bucket. I took my camera and ipod, so I could take some photos.  And what did I do o drooped my ipod in the ocean on the beach! I played it cool,  picked it up, wiped it off , took it out of the Outterbox case and it still work. I was like yes! So I got back to the condo and exported all my photo to my computer. Then sat it out to dry and tried to charge it the next day and it would not hold a charge. I put it into rice when I got home and that still did not help! It would not hold a charge or tun on because the battery was died. So I was like what do I have to loss my ipod will not work. So I was thinking! Maybe if I clean out the connection part it will work. So I googled how to take apart Ipod Touch, because I figured maybe I could clean out where the charger connect to the ipod.  It Would help. Well, lets just say I did not improve it at all. But I will be thankful that I was able to get my photos off of the my ipod!

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