Farm Party Desserts

Jacob, my littlest nephew turn the big number 2 on February 2, 2013, there was snowing outside, but as you entered the party there was excitement in the air! I was ready to get the party started and display the yummy deserts I made the night before. The desert menu was pie pops, cow rice Krispy treats and chocolate pretzel rides. potato sticks as hay, All thing I hope the little guy loved! Jacob received an little tikes cozy car from his Mamaw and Pappy for his birthday. The theme of the party was farm animals since the little guy like animals. I think the deserts turned out great. Pizza and Jojo was on the menu for the night and the cake had chocolate Mouse inside it. I think my sister did a great job!

Nephew had a great time playing in his cake, but he did not want to get to dirty! He did not like the cake on his fingers! Must use a fork the is some manures for a 2 year old!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

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