Valentines Day and 2 Deserts

This week I baked two deserts.

One Monday, it was a cold winter day and my little nephew, Jacob, came over to spend the night.  I figured it would be fun to make Brookies with him. We made this new desert I found on Pintrest and wanted to do a test run on it! It is called Brookies, because it is made out of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Jacob enjoyed mixing the brownies mix and chocolate chip dough in the bowls. It was funny because he tried raw chocolate chip dough and did not like it. He spit the dough in the bowl, while my sister, Jessica, was going to town eating the dough out of the bowl.

To make the desert you basically mix chocolate chip cookie dough in one bowl and Brownies in another bowl. Then you put both of them in a greased pan in a line. I made long strips of brownies and chocolate chip cookies. It turned out  to be a really great desert. It was so great that the next evening it was gone. What I learned for next time is make the stripes of chocolate chip dough and cookies vertical, not horizontal and make the stripes smaller.

Yesterday was Valentine Day! It is a day that your boyfriend, husband, or gentleman show the girl how much they appreciate them. My mom wanted to make sugar cookies for Valentine's Day and she asked me to help her. She mixed the dough and I did the rest! I  really enjoyed being creative when decorating the cookies!

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