Baby Jacob

First Newborn Session
     I had a great time with my nephews and sister. I have been so excited to capture baby Jacob on camera ever since Christy announced she was pregnant. 
    Jacob's first photo shoot was on a cold winter day of  February 11th.The driveway was a sheet of ice and love was in the air. Jacob is the star of the day, who is only  9 days old and bundle of joy. He  is very alert and eyes wide open ready to entertain the world. He is already starting to lift his head up and is very wiggly . Jacob loves his green pacifier and sucking on his fingers.  One of my  favorite image of the day is Jacob with the blue hat. I crochet the blue hat with the  help from  a pattern by Speckled FrogCrochet on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite images of  this precious day.

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