Nathan: Birthday

The first time Nathan visited Pump It Up Party Center was when he attended a birthday party, he had so much fun, he wanted to go back. He asked his Mother if he can have his party their, who  would have know that his birthday party would have been at an inflatable arena. He told some of his friends to mark the calendar for February 26, 2011. He was so excited for the day to come, he would talk about it every chance he would get, while insuring his brother he would have fun. The talk at school  was about a new inflatable, the Slippery Slope, it was all of the craze, who can reach the star first. With a little help Nathan is the first and only person to reach the star at the party. He kept it funk and fresh while playing in the rooms filled with inflatable slides, bounce house, optical course and the slippery slope. Who would have know that party room had a Large king chair, where he opens his presents and blew out 7 candles. As a thank you gift, everyone received a goody bag and a balloon.

I 'm honored to be a part of his day and capture little moments in action! Here is a link to a sideshow of the exciting day and some of my favorite photos!


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