PEAK and SEEK: Julieanne + Rain

Everyone  knows the fabulous wedding photographer, Jasmine Star. I adopted this ides from her. She has a weekly blog post called Kisses and Disses. They are random entries dedicated to her life highlighting the great part (Kisses)  and the bad parts (disses). I liked the idea. So I created my own called PEAK and SEEK. The PEAK is, as you probably guessed it, the high parts and  SEEK  is the bad parts. 
    • Julieanne Kost is an great teacher for  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. She can show you the features and tools of adobe photoshop Lightroom.
    • Fleeces. They are very worm and cozy for a snowy or rainy days.
    • Cool Ranch Doritos. They have been my choice of a snack lately.

    • Rain. It  has rained for two days strait. 
    • I smashed my left thumb in the car door when going to a Bambi Cantrell event. My thumb hurt so bad, I stuck it in the snow. Did I tell you that I am left handed. No Joke!
    • Noxzema face cleaner. I went to clean my face with Noxzema, a few hours later, my face had a rash.

    Have a great weekend!

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