Finding lens sweet spot!

When learning photography you must know the gear you have and how  to use it. "When learning your gear it is about knowing it inside and out. What your gear can do, can not do and it limitation, " Zack Arias.To know your lenses you should find out your lens sweet spot.

What is the lens sweet spot? It is the aperture on the lens that is the sharpest. Changes the lens aperture will change the lens sharpness and will help discover your lens sweet spot.To find the lens sweet spot you have to take a photo of the same image at all of the aperture numbers and find which aperture is the sharpest.

Here are the step I used to find my  50mm lens sweets pot. First put your camera on a tripod, the camera on Aperture priority,  take a picture with all of the aperture on the camera.  Then look at all of the photos a 100% zoom and find the aperture that makes the sharpest image. For example, you have a lens 50mm F.1.4. So you put the camera on a tripod, turn the camera on Aperture priority and then shoot at all of the apertures number (1.4,2,2.8, 4, 5.6,  8, 11, 16,,22). Then look at all the images at the same zoom to see which image is the sharper. That is the sweet spot for your lens.  If you have a zoom lens and what to find the  sweet spot, put camera on s tripod, set camera on aperture priority, put focus on affinity and then shoot at all aperture numbers starting with the widest number (smallest aperture number). 

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