Preserving a Scrapbook

Do you scrapbook? Create a page around a image? I do! I started scrapbook just before the digital era, to preserve the memories in a persons life and cherish the little moments. The hard work I put into each scrapbook. I am taking it to the extreme and saving each page on 2 DVD's, external drive and in the clouds. To do that, I have to scan each page of the album. I created a 12x12 pages album and my scanner only scans 8x11 image. So I have to scan each page 4 times (the four corners). Then use Photoshop SC5 to Photomerge (stitch the photos together) the four images together and create one image. It takes time, but it is well worth it. When making multiple copy's of a document or image make sure each copy is stored in a different place and location. I look at it as insurance for each image and page I created.

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