This post is in memory of Paula Mae. She lived with use for over two and half years and she called me her friend, some times girl. I remember her saying come here girl! She passed away from alzheimer's disease on June 11. 
   It is interesting how some foods reminds you of certain people and how you can pick up eating habits from hanging around someone. I picked up this cookies habit for hang with Paula Mae. She love to eat chocolate Chips Ahoy Chunky chocolate chunk cookies, chunky white fudge cookies and M and M cookies. She got me into the M and M cookies and then it went to Oreos! I use to eat Oreos when I was a kid. My top favorite cookie is Oreo Fudge Creames original cookie. Both of the cookies you can not just eat one kind of cookie. It is like a potato chip. You can not just have one.  You should try them they are really great.

   Below are some of my favorite cookies: Oreo sandwich cookie, Oreo sandwich cookies golden original, Oreo fudge Creams original cookies and popsicle Oreo filled cookie.

 What is your favorite cookie?

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