Where do you find your inspiration?

Where do you find  your inspiration?

I think inspiration is anything that helps you generate artist ideas for a photograph. You can find inspiration from many places. I like getting inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, advertisements, music videos and other photographers work. You can get inspiration form a photograph. It can be one little think you like about the photo like the posing, lighting, arrangement of the composition or the emotion in conveys. You do not have to copy the photograph, but you can take a piece of the photograph and make it you own style.

Where to you keep your inspirational images?

I keep mine in a binder and on Pinterest. I am think of storing the photos on my computer in an inspirational fold with keywords. So if I think of an idea, I can type the keywords in and photographs will pop up. It would be faster for me to locate my inspirational images.

Get inspired from what ever you are passionate about or what ever inspires you!

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