NOTES: Post-Wedding Workflow with Zack and Jody Gray

         This Friday I watch another CreativeLIVE workshop that was a one day event. It was all about  Zack and Jody  Gray's Post-wedding workflow, here are some highlights from the day.

  • "Acquiring knowledge is the thing I want to spend a lot of my time doing."
  • "Strive for greatness not perfection."
  • "The future of the economy is not based on how goo  your photographs are, its based on how much knowledge you have."
  • "Half of our success within us believing that we can do it." 
  • "Know where your money is going, so you can make your money behave."
  • "Money good for 3 things: spending, saving, giving."
  • Don't make decisions when you are emotional charge."
  • "Routine and schedules keep you sane, everyone need habit"
  • "If you schedule it, it will happen."-Jody
  • "Our business is part of what we do, not our identity."-Jody
  • When building schedule: "More structure and routine is your day the more effective and better your business will be."
  • Delegate out much as can as business grows, that don't require unique voices. For example: uploading blog images, linking in blogs, packing/shipping items, placing product order, edit.
  • To find some great books he recommending in the workshop chick on book recommendations.
  • "Business don't maintain, they either grow or die."

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