NOTES: CreativeLIVe Fundamentals of Digital Photography with John Greengo

This week I watched the Fundamentals of Digital Photography, It was a 5 day workshop with John Greengo!  The course was amazing with some really great graphics that make the process of  understanding photography very clear. I took 94 pages of notes and some screen shots.

  • 10 thing every photographer need to know from  Wednesday.

    1. Photography is not cheap
    2. The best camera of tomorrow can't shoot a picture today
    3. Quality is important...  up to an point
    4. Nobody makes a living being just a photographer
    5. An average photographer with great business skills beat a great photographer with average business skills.
    6. Opinions matter, yours most of all.
    7. Three years to three stars (Year 1 & 2: trash most photos and one and two only, Year 3: three stars)
    8. The hardest part of photography is being in the right place at the right time
    9. Good photographers are good problem solvers
    10. The learning never stops
             Look, Shoot, Edit, Repeat!

  • Here's John Greengo's formal for taking great photo from the creativeLIVE workshop on Thursday.
    1.  You need a camera (least important)
    2.  You need time, available light (to scout and be available)
    3.  You need effort ( photography is not easy)
    4. Your need knowledge (the more you know, the better you'll do)
  • The Formula for what makes a great photo from John Greengo on Friday.
    • Beautiful Light
    • Beautiful Composition
    • Beautiful Moment
    • New Interesting Subject
    • New Perspective
    • A Little Mystery ( not tell whole story in a photo)
    • Also
      • Bring the camera
      • Pack light/Pack smart
      • Stand steady, shoot steady
      • Bring a tripod
      • Get closer, get closer, get closer
      • Watch your foreground and background
      • Get out there and shoot, shoot, shot
      • Go through your images and critique yourself
      • Back up your photos 
      • Fill the frame
      • If you're giving nothing to shoot just shoot nothingness
      • Get down on your belly and get up in the tree
      • Keep your balance and wait for the decisive moment
      • Shoot what you know
      • Shoot what don't know
      • To be a great photographer.. you need to see what others do not, you need to know the fundamentals of photography, you need the ability to portray your subject in a way that is bold beautiful and simple.

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