NOTES: from CreativeLIVE Lightroom 4 Workshop

I enjoyed watching CreativeLIVE workshop regarding Lightroom 4.  Here are some off my notes from Laura Shoes workshop on the new Lightroom 4:

  • Why Lightroom
    • Customizes for Photographers, their workflow to all our needs
    • Library Develop for retouch and adjusting, want to get the most out of your photos, powerful
    • Lightroom is forgiving ( means it is ok you can undo, never touch your own photo)
    • You can do more faster ( can find photos), work multi photos at the same time
  • Recommended to have 1 catalog for all your photos is recommended
  • Catalog can be on external drive, NOT on network drive
  • Organize photo, back them up and  photo library to
    • Organize photo, Lightroom doesn't organize photos, don't car how you do it
  • Lightroom catalog contains all data you have ever done, have backup folder on photo library, to protect from corruption
  • Backup catalog only back up data, to photos you did in catalog, not the images it self.
  • Have photo library folder with image files and backup folder inside the library folder and back up the folder to be safe on a external drive.
  • During import you can pre set in develop setting save time, add keywords need commas, apply to every photo you are importing tell where to store image
  • DON'T delete photos, thinking they are in Lightroom
  • To CLICK all photos in Lightroom, click all images by pressing (Command and A)
  • If need help in LIghtroom or in doubt, RIGHT click on a Mac for options.

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