Run and Fun this weekend!

On Saturday I played with my littlest nephews, Jacob, who is always up for an adventures! We had a blast playing outside with bubbles, catching bug and playing with older kids! Jacob, Jona ( a 3rd grade down the street) tried to catch a frog but ended up catching warms and spiders instead! Then Jacob was able to play with the big kids, who let him ridein their Little Tikes  hummer! They all played very well together! Jacob was attracting all the big kids! He loved riding in the Little Tikes  hummer!

This morning I had a great morning run with some cool Dud's at the Green Bulldog Dash 5k. The race is great  because all of the money raised go straight back into the school systems. Nathan and I ran together our time was 30:36! Dylan and his Dad ran together the time was 36:29. Our goal was under 1 hour. It was a great course. At the beginning of the race Dylan and his Dad was beating Nathan and I. But like I told Nathan it is ok, we have to pace ourself, don't worry we will pass them up, trust me! And we did! Nathan did a great job. After Nathan and I crossed the finishline we desided to cheers on his brother and his Dad. But then Nathan want to run with his brother to encourage him till they got close to the finishline. So we did! Dylan even earned a trophy in 3rd place in his 1st grade range! I am so proud of my nephew! 

Way to go boys! 

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