Genius is for Jerry Ghionis!

    Jerry Ghionis, a famous wedding photographer from Australia, who came to Akron, Ohio as part of  the Akron Photo Series to discuss his greatest hits, favorite tips and techniques that he used throughout his career. Jerry is one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the word by American Photo Magazine, one of the most influential wedding photographers and won many awards at WPPI. 
     I have following Jerry's blog for a while. I discovered his wife, Melissa Ghionis, on Dane Sanders Fast Track Coach. I was so excited to meet Jerry and Melissa Ghionis. I was counting down the days, like a kid counting the days when school is out for the summer. 
    On June 13, 2011, I meet Jerry and Melissa Ghionis. It was a nice summer day, but when you entered the  Hilton Hotel you could feel the love in the room. From all of the photographers eager  to listen to Jerry speak. I arrived at the event early to hear him speak and as I walked in I saw Skip Cohen and some old friends. Melissa Ghionis was very friendly, down to earth and funny. Jerry is a spectacular photographer, more like a genius. The best advice I learned from spending the evening with Jerry was to photography your subject through the eyes of their loved one!  I will never say their is a bad environment after attending this photography event! He showed some of his favorite images and the magic that happens to capture the images.  He also brought up some great points like why capture 5 images of the same person and just  capture 2 amazing images and move on. He had some great ideas for capturing the relationship between two people. For example, the Father and Bride, by simple stating softly, "Are you ready to see your father for the last time as a single girl?" and then wait to capture the relationship.  That example comes from has pickpocket card called action- reaction.  The pickpocket is a series of educationals tools in the form of deck of cards that can be stored in camera bag for  quick references. The card have great tips and is the top selling cards out of  Jerry's pickpockets collection. The quote of the evening was, "Don't think to much, more you think, the less you feel." -Jerry Ghionis.  He even made everyone think about how to use inspiration around you in everyday life. Use inspiration, but have it be interoperate in your own way. And think about the album when shooting.

      I would like to thank Jerry  and Melissa Ghionis for coming to the United States. And can you believe it,  the Akron Photo Series broke the  record, 10000 dollar mark,  in raised donation for the Akron Children Hospital. That is amazing!

Have a great Week!

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