The Magic Behind the Video!

This is my nephew second session of playing soccer. When my nephew, Nathan started playing soccer in the spring he asked me if I could make a video of him playing soccer. And of course I said YES!  Then Nathan was like, can you put some word in it like you did for Dylan's Birthday video. I said SURE! 

When Nathan said video he really means a slideshow of photos on a DVD. So I was  thinking how can I raise the bar and make this slideshow better then other slideshows I did in the past. I  came up with creative a document type slideshow with Nathan playing soccer, photos, and messages from his fans.

 I put my plan in action, going to his games to capture some great shoot  with my DSLR and put my little FlipVideo with a bag over  (it was raining, incase you was wondering) it  on a big tripod to capture Nathan in action on the field.  It looked quite funny. To create the message from  his fans, I using Nikon D5000 camera with video option. It was my first time and you can tell!  No Joke!  What did I learn from this event? I learned next time I do video, I will purchase a monopod to keep the camera steady. Nathan really like the video. He called me two times to thank me for the video. He is happy and really enjoys it, that is what matters the most!

Check out the link to the amazing video:

Special Thanks To: Uncle Jim for letting me use his Nikon camera for video and all of Nathan's Amazing fans who allowed me to record a special message. 

Nathan, thank you for allowing me to capture your raw moments on the soccer field! I enjoyed every moment of it! 

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