Monster Bash

This year  the 3rd annual holloween party was on October  26 at three o'clock  . The theme was monster bash and it was held at my sisters house! It was on a nice fall day when the leafs was turning color and excitement was in the air! The house was decorated with scary items and the table was all set for each person. My nephew Dylan  and Nathan helped me set the table! Dylan had the creative idea to place the monster rolling hand next to each plate and it really make each table setting look amazing! I must say! On the menu for the event was yummy deserts, sliders, jobs,  fruit guy, pumpkin vegetable platter, creepy cheese. One the desert bar was yogurt drops, banana bits,  Reese bits, ghost cake pops, franklinstin marshmallow pops, creepy shooters, strawberry mouse, rice Krispy mummy pops, rock candy, s'mores bar,       homemade gornola bars, strawberry licorice, sugar cookies and muddy buddy's and apple bit with carnal. The Carmel bit set up a little! I will try to improve the apple bits next year!  Everyone enjoys the deserts! The kids had a great time at the games. Some of the games was pin the eye on the monster, punch box, bean bag toss, adopt a monster and skeleton hunt, bingo, guessing game and mystery bowl! With the help of Jessica and Heidi the game went smoothly! But I was not able to get to two games the bobbing for Apple and the photo booth! The kids was able to trick or treating at six o'clock around their house, will I clean up. While I was cleaning up I see my little nephew Jacob digging in one of the glass container that has the Rice Krispy mummy pops sticking in styrophom that was in the glass container with m and m to cover it. Ok back to the story! I look over as Jacob is deternand to get a m and m that was stuck between the styrophom and the glass container. He pulled the styrophom that was glued with hot glue gun out of the  glass container just to get to all of the m and m's. I was a half dressed Mina, my sister was a robber and went around the house grabbing people's items and at the end of the party she gave it all back! It was funny everyone wanted to know what she snatched of theirs! She snatch Nathan iPod and DSI. He was very surprised!  I was able to capture some great moment! But would have liked to get a lot more photos! Maybe next year! I want to thank my Mom, Jessica and my Aunt Paula for helping me pull this party off! Also thank you Christy and Greg for letting me host the party at your house! I thing everyone had a blast! I can not wait for next year Halloween party! I always try and top last years party! And I think it was a success! 

I hope everyone had an  great Happy Halloween!

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