Towpath Marathon

Last Sunday on November 3, 2013 I ran my second half marathon.I competed Towpath Marathon at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park( it was rescheduled because of the government shut down, it was suppose to be on October 13, 2013). Due to the shutdown the race was resceduled and  the back of the shirts  stated "Can't Shut A Good Run Down". The course was great and flat with some amazing views, I wish I had took my camera!  The race started at 8:00 am, I got thair early and was able to stretch and use the restroom! I start the race with a goal of beating my Akron Half Marathon time. I started the first few mile ahead of my pace time. Then I decided to ditch my glove at around the 6 miles mark. I found Jessica Speece and her father to run with , then I had to pick up my pace to keep on target. When running I notice a lot of gloves and clothing along the course from runners getting hot! At mile 8 I looked at my pace band and my iPod and noticed I was few minutes behind. I was like I will never catch up! Crap! Then I was like keep on running, my new goal was to run the whole race without walking!  So I payed for not running for 7 days before the race, I was so tired and really pushing myself to finish the race! I could only imagine my face when I crossed the finish like! I really pushed myself the last mile, but I  tried to keep  at my steady pace. I loved the trail and would love to do it again! I finished the race at 2:20:46 and ran the whole thing! It was not my best time but I will take it! Since I did not run for 7 days because a lot was going on in life, like my Mom was in the hospital. But  Thair is one more half marathon this year and my goal is to beat my Akron Marathon time of 2:14:45. 

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