Running Buddy

On November 16,  2013 I was watching my little nephew Jacob who is only 2 year old.  I want to see if he was up for a run, so I said Jacob you want to go for a run! He was like sure! So I ended up chasing him around the room and playing flash light tag.  We had a blast! I took of my fleece and not soon after that Jacob wanted to to take of his shirt. ( good thing we was inside). It was funny because we was running, then Jacob was like I will be back going to get a drink Aunt Jenny. Then I would here his little feet run down  the alway for a drink and back up to the toy room to continue running.  So we ended up running for over 8 minutes and grabbed some blue Gatorade when we was done and a photo to! It was fun! Maybe next time I will get him to run down the sidewalk! 

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